Berto Horne

Workshop Speaker: July 25, 2 p.m. ET
How to Build the Perfect Brand
Founder, CEO - TPGent

Herberto Horne, known affectionately as Berto, is a native of Detroit, MI. Reared by a single-mother who taught him perseverance, love and fairness, gave him a strong foundation to do his life’s work. As a child, Berto’s dream was to receive a scholarship to play college basketball. After deep consideration, a full-ride awarded by the Daniels Foundation changed his life’s trajectory and led him to enrolling at Morehouse College in 2011. Arriving at Morehouse, Berto was immediately impressed by the astuteness and traditions engrained in Morehouse Men to become servant leaders with a social consciousness. Though Morehouse presented many opportunities, obstacles awaited Berto upon his arrival to Morehouse registering him in Remedial Reading and English which triggered timidity and uncertainty in his confidence, and a list of questions pertaining to his life’s purpose.

It was during both experiences as Berto was exposed to a higher standard and expectation at Morehouse, coupled with his educational obstacle that taught him the power in overcoming his own shortcomings and laid the groundwork to teach other men the importance of self-development. It was here, at this sacred intersection, TPGent was birthed.

Thrifting, endless online searches and many books initiated Berto’s journey as he educated himself on topics of men’s styling, social interactions, and lifestyle enrichment. A newfound hobby quickly transitioned into a determining brand.

Now, Berto works as a Brand Influencer and President of his marketing company, TPCurators. When traveling across the country, Berto is speaking with groups ranging from schools and universities to Fortune 500 companies, equipping men and boys with the proper tools and formalities to present oneself in both formal and informal settings, and teaching them the nuts and bolts on speaking eloquently and dressing exquisitely. Even though TPGent is targeted towards men, women are heavily influenced, indirectly, as men evolve into challenging the stereotypical images of manhood and embracing chivalrous notions that uplift women.

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