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Saturday, July 25, 2020
9 AM - 4:15 PM (EDT)


9 AM   |   Opening Remarks

Welcome with Host Kofi Dadson, O'Shae Bridges, and Kelly Lamano


9:35 AM   |   KEYNOTE

Side Hustle to Full-Time Business

Kayla O'Brien


10:45 AM   |   WORKSHOPS

1. My Financial Health

Eddy Montalvo


2. The 1440 Method

Andre Thornton


3. Using your Story to Create Change

Marjorie Phoenix


4. Where's the work? Actionable Strategies for Finding Freelance Opportunities

Kat Boogaard


11:50 AM   |   Intermission + Networking

Host Kofi Dadson
Message from Rafael Espinal, President of the Freelancers Union.


1 PM   |   KEYNOTE

Freelancer or Wing-Builder?

Jim Hobart



1. How to Build the Perfect Brand

Berto Horne


2. Contracts, Negotiations + Getting Paid

Whitney Gonzalez


3. Starting Your Podcasting Journey

Angelica Yarde


4. The New SEO Formula for Freelancers

Dan Anzanello



3 PM   |   KEYNOTE

Building a Steady Freelance Pipeline +
Parenting While Working

Shirley Yang


4 PM   |   Closing Remarks

Host Kofi Dadson, O'Shae Bridges, and Kelly Lamano

Sunday, July 26, 2020
1 PM - 7:30 PM (EDT)
1 PM   |   Welcome Back

Welcome with Host Kofi Dadson, O'Shae Bridges, and Kelly Lamano


1:05 PM   |   KEYNOTE

YES! The answer to the next level of your business & life.

Darryll Stinson


2:15 PM   |   WORKSHOPS

1. The Power of You: Building Your Confidence and Career Through Personal Branding

Diane Diaz


2. You Don’t Need Something New, Just Use What You’ve Got!

David Lawrence


3. Couples in Business

Lindsay & Brandon Duensing


4. Why Legal Stuff Matters (Really…..It Does)
and How to Get it Right

Cheryl Borland


3:15 PM   |   Intermission + Networking



Building Your Business + Diversifying

Lesley Batson, Jason McCullough, Chauniqua Major-Lewis, Sanjib Kalita,
Jenny De Witt, and Jason Nevin. Moderated by Ayodele Duyile and Kofi Dadson.



1. Starting Your Own Brand + Finding Your Passion

Nicollette Francis


2. How to Balance Your Health Goals with Work to Optimize Productivity, Performance, and Well-being

Kait Richardson


3. Personal Finances for Freelancers

Angela Ozar


4. Key Steps to Creating Your Own Email Marketing Strategy

Vanessa Matthew


6 PM   |   KEYNOTE

Fostering Community Connection From a Distance During COVID-19

Katie Johnston


7 PM   |   Closing Remarks

Host Kofi Dadson, O'Shae Bridges, Ayodele Duyile, Kelly Lamano, and Sara Neal

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